Building Muscle, Getting Stronger, and Moving Better – JUST GOT EASIER! And, here is the BEST part, You Are FINALLY Going To Start Smashing PR’s in the Gym Again!

WARNING: The Absolute Worst Thing You Can Do If You’ve Been Feeling Run Down or Your Joints Are Tight and Achy…

Is STOP going to the gym. Trust me, I know! The saying goes, “movement is medicine” – and it is absolutely true. You have to keep moving. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that when you’re injured, you need to rest. This was probably the worst advice I’ve ever been given over the last 35+ years I’ve been in the gym. Yeah, rest is important, but so is the quality of your life. Living longer is everyone’s goal, but there also has to be a quality of life. And the best place to improve your quality of life is in the gym. Trust me, the truth (that I learned the hard way) is that if you sit around all day ‘resting’ your aches and pains – they get worse! 

The second piece of bad advice that I’ve gotten over the years is more of a fitness ‘myth’ – and it goes like this… 

The only way to get bigger and stronger is to keep adding more weight to the bar. Well, after 35+ years in the gym and over 20+ years as a strength coach, this has to be one of the worst lies that lifters and  trainers truly believe. This simply mindset is a quick trip to injury! What if I told you that the real advice – learned from being in the trenches and training hundreds of athletes is, take weight OFF the bar and focus on better quality repetitions performed with a controlled and deliberate pace.

Sounds crazy, right?

Here’s another one….Let me know if you’ve heard this before, “Always do your big barbell lifts at the start of every workout!” I’ve heard this very common programming advice so many times over the years that I stopped trying to argue about it. The true answer for lifters and athletes who have been crushing it in the gym for years might be the complete opposite – put your heavy barbell training at the END of your workout. 

You’ve probably never heard any trainer say this to you. 

Finally, going against the entire fitness industry, I’m here to tell you that maybe your warm-ups aren’t only done BEFORE the workout starts. While it is true that warm-ups can improve your technique, keep you safe under the bar, and optimally prepare your joints to train, there is a better way to think about ‘improving quality movement’ over time than just doing a typical warm-up. There are drills and exercises (I call them intraworkout resets) that can be used throughout the workout AFTER the main warm-up as a means of ‘active rest’ to help you train better and move better over time!

If some of these myths sound familiar and you’re confused about how to train better, let me tell you about a… 


If you’re a meathead like me, designing the perfect workout isn’t so simple. Because we’ve always been told, the ONLY way to progress in the gym is to ADD MORE WEIGHT TO THE BAR. And, if you miss your reps, just shorten up the range of motion, throw on a belt, put on some neoprene wraps – and hit it again. But, with my many years of coaching lifters and athletes, I’m here to tell you that old school mentality is out-of-date and it will get you injured! That doesn’t work for me anymore and guess what?!

It shouldn’t work for you either, especially if your goal is to train for the rest of your life. If you’re a serious lifter, you understand that fitness is a lifelong journey. My journey took me on a quest to solve the mystery of training longevity because I didn’t like how beat up I felt every time I left the gym. I finally said enough was enough! Fitness should help you move better and feel better. Not force you to move like the tin man for 3 days after every workout.

Here’s the good news, I found the solution and I can’t wait to tell you about…



The answer is the new Ageless Athlete 4.0 program. Trust me, the complete Ageless Athlete 4.0 program will quickly become your favorite program (and complete training system) and I know you’re going to use it for the rest of your life! It is THAT powerful and that life-changing! 

Let me explain. 

The AA4.0 program is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ system of training where you get to pick your favorite exercises – the exact exercises you need to immediately improve your training – and plug them right into the workout template. So this means that as you change, the program changes. This also means that every time you repeat the 12-week program, it will be a completely new program! 

You might be asking yourself, “To make this program perfect for me and to get results – how do I know which exercises are right for me?” 

I got you covered! The right exercises for you are the ones that don’t cause you pain and you can use good technique. Here is how I’m going to help you find which exercises you need. I give you a simple (and proven) Ageless Athlete self-assessment you use to figure out exactly where you’re tight and where you’re weak. This quick tool will give you the exact blueprint for which exercises you should use in your workouts. Here’s the best part, if you know what exercises are right for you, every single workout will leave you feeling amazing and you will leap forward toward your goals after every training session!

But the AA4.0 program is much more than all other workouts you’ve done… 

That’s because each workout contains built-in ‘move better right now and feel amazing’ resets programmed into every training session! But that’s not all! I told you, we’re focused on training for a lifetime around here. In addition to the movement resets, I also created some of the most effective upper body, lower body, and full body mobility routines that work as the finisher to every workout. These routines are a gamechanger that will jumpstart your recovery and get you ready for the next workout. They will literally help you leave the gym feeling better than when you got there!


Along with the simple-to-follow workouts that you will customize just for you, I have expanded the Ageless Athlete exercise library to over 550+ exercises. The VIP exercise index walks you step-by-step through the comprehensive warm-ups, the Super 7 mobility routines, the intraworkout resets, the advanced training protocols that form the foundation of the Ageless Athlete system, how to perform the big barbell lifts, and all of the joint-friendly exercises that won’t cause you pain and allow you to train harder than ever before.

I’ve organized the Ageless Athlete Video Quick Reference Guide for the entire exercise database into different sections: the special routines, the move better, feel better exercises, the warm-ups, all of the exercise variations for each strength training movement pattern, and my favorite best-of-the-best live training sessions for each body part – you will be able to see the Ageless Athlete system in action! You are not going to believe how huge this exercise index is and how it will easily be the key to taking your workouts to the next level!

And don’t forget about the AA4.0 warm-ups. They contain the absolute most effective exercises I’ve learned over the last 20 years as a strength coach to make every workout world-class! These critical warm-ups will get your joints moving, fire up the right muscle groups, and quickly prepare your body to train at its absolute best. We knew they would add a TON of value to this program and bring BIG time results to every single one of your workouts!


Because we know that athletes, businessmen, coaches, trainers, and Average Joe’s need this important program to turn their training around – and no one wants a bunch of “fluff” or “filler” – we are cutting to the chase and are showing you what’s in the AA4.0 complete package…


 12-Week Ageless Athlete 4.0 Program

 The AA4.0 Self-Assessments
 The AA4.0 Super 7 Mobility Protocols
 The AA4.0 Intraworkout Resets Library
 The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Sheets
 20 Advanced Training Protocols
 Over 550+ Follow-Along AA4.0 Pain-Free Exercise Library
 5 Super Effective Warm-up Routines (Including the ORIGINAL New World’s Greatest Warm-up and the NEW WGW2.0!)

The important lesson is, you can’t stop training; you have to keep going! The Ageless Athlete system is the program you need to get you back into the gym – and GET YOU OUT OF PAIN!


The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Main Manual

The revolutionary new Ageless Athlete 4.0 program is here and ready to set your training on fire! The Ageless Athlete training model will literally change your workouts forever! Designed for the ‘ageless athlete’ and lifter who have been in the trenches playing sports and training for many years, the program will help you move better, feel better, and train better! With the never-before-seen intraworkout resets, Super 7 mobility protocols, Diesel Blast sets, 1:1, Diesel Block training, and repeatable customizable workouts, and much more…Get ready to have the best workouts of your life! (SPECIAL NOTE: MAKE SURE TO GRAB THE SILVER OR GOLD PACKAGE BELOW TO GET OVER 50+ ADVANCED TRAINING TECHNIQUES!)

The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Sheets

Ageless Athlete 4.0 comes with 12-weeks of custom formatted step-by-step workouts that you can print-and-go right to the gym and start training immediately. Create your own personal training log as you track and record your progress through all 4-phases of the program. These printable workout sheets are critical for recording your records so that you can be dialed in every time you step into the gym!

Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Log

The Ageless Athlete 4.0 workout log will grow as you grow. It is an amazing tool to help you track and progress your workouts and keep all of the training weights (poundages) for your main lifts. It includes an expandable exercise index where you can put in your favorite exercise variations. In addition, it will help you calculate your weights for the main lift in each workout over the entire course of the 12-week AA4.0 program!

The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Exercise Library

The massive 550+ Ageless Athlete Video Library contains all of the intraworkout resets, warm-up drills, main exercises, foam rolling techniques, supplemental exercises, and live workouts you need to get the most out of each and every Ageless Athlete training session. Good technique is critical for staying safe and progressing in the gym. That is why every single exercise in the program is recorded to show you step-by-step the proper technique. The Ageless Athlete VIP library is the most comprehensive pain free, joint-friendly exercises ever assembled!

Let Me Tell You a Quick Story About Myles…

One of my best friends and lifting partners, Myles, used to be an amateur bodybuilder. But life got in the way. Years at a corporate job and the stresses of life took him away from the weights. He reached out to me and he was desperate. I could hear it in his voice. He was in chronic back pain (and had been for the last two years) and he was absolutely miserable. He had stopped going to the gym and it seriously affected his everyday life. He was depressed and desperate for change. The first thing I told him was, “You can never get too far away from the weights.” Strength training is your daily mindset reset – it is your meditation. Your mood and your ability to be there for those who are counting on you – depends on YOU being strong, both mentally and physically.

However, life got in the way for Myles – like it does for everyone. He stopped thinking about going to the gym, because he was in so much pain, and he knew he couldn’t do much of anything once he got there.

I told him to come see me, and after applying the Ageless Athlete principles and ‘move better’ strategies (comprehensive warm-ups, Super 7 mobility routines, intraworkout resets) over the course of 4 weeks, he is training again and setting new goals! And here is the best part, he went golfing and walked all 18 holes!


The bottom line is that the Ageless Athlete Training System has been tested & proven over the last 25 years to help you move better, feel better, and get results in the gym using the best pain-free, joint-friendly exercises specific for YOUR needs. All you have to do is consistently incorporate the warm-ups, recovery strategies, and the comprehensive Ageless Athlete workout template – and you will get stronger, build muscle, and feel better! We guarantee this product’s effectiveness and are100% committed to your success.


Being able to train for a lifetime is about finding out what the best exercises are for you and then putting them in a balanced program focused on getting stronger, building more muscle, and moving better. Don’t get stuck in a rut with a ‘cookie-cutter’ program that wasn’t specifically designed for you! That is the fast track to nowhere. You need to take back control of your training and start doing workouts that have you leaving the gym with a spring in your step and the results you want!

The Ageless Athlete program is not just a program, it is a system of training that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. It contains the best warm-up exercises (wait until you try the World’s Greatest Warm-up (WGM) and the NEW WGW2.0), the best ‘move better, feel better’ mobility drills, a structured plug-and-play 12-week program (that can be repeated forever), easy to follow printable workout sheets, some of the most advanced training protocols you’ve ever seen, a massive arsenal of the best-of-the-best follow-along exercises that you can plug into the program to create the best workouts of your life.

I’ve been in the gym training for over 34 years and I know what works, and more importantly, I know what doesn’t. And, as a strength coach of over 20 years, I know what problems all lifters and athletes go through trying to change their body and improve their performance. The Ageless Athlete system works and I guarantee it because I’ve been testing and updating the protocols for the last 20 years. I know it is going to change how you train forever.

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, you need to grab your copy of Ageless Athlete 4.0 right now!



  • The Ageless Athlete 4.0 digital ebook
  • 12-Week Ageless Athlete 4.0 Program
  • The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Sheets
  • The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Log
  • The AA Self-Assessments
  • The AA Super 7 Mobility Protocols
  • The AA Intraworkout Resets Library
  • 20 Advanced Training Protocols
  • Over 550+ Follow-Along AA4.0 Exercise Library
  • 5 Super Effective Warm-up Routines

Ageless Athlete 4.0 Premium


  • The Ageless Athlete 4.0 digital ebook & physical manual
  • 12-Week Ageless Athlete 4.0 Program
  • The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Sheets
  • The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Log
  • The AA Self-Assessments
  • The AA Super 7 Mobility Protocols
  • The AA Intraworkout Resets Library
  • 20 Advanced Training Protocols
  • Over 550+ Follow-Along AA4.0 Exercise Library
  • 5 Super Effective Warm-up Routines

Ageless Athlete Silver Package


  • The Ageless Athlete 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0 digital ebooks
  • 12-Week Ageless Athlete 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0 Programs
  • The Ageless Athlete 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0 Workout Sheets
  • The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Log
  • The AA Self-Assessments
  • The AA Super 7 Mobility Protocols
  • The AA Intraworkout Resets Library
  • 50 Advanced Training Protocols
  • Over 550+ Follow-Along AA4.0 Exercise Library
  • 5 Super Effective Warm-up Routines
  • The Original Ageless Athlete Program with Steve Maxwell!

Ageless Athlete
Gold Package


  • The Ageless Athlete 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0 digital ebooks & physical manuals
  • 12-Week Ageless Athlete 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0 Programs
  • The Ageless Athlete 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0 Workout Sheets
  • The Ageless Athlete 4.0 Workout Log
  • The AA Self-Assessments
  • The AA Super 7 Mobility Protocols
  • The AA Intraworkout Resets Library
  • 50 Advanced Training Protocols
  • Over 550+ Follow-Along AA4.0 Exercise Library
  • 5 Super Effective Warm-up Routines
  • The Original Ageless Athlete Program with Steve Maxwell!
“After graduating college and entering the ‘corporate world’, I can no longer spend all day in the gym. Unfortunately, I compensated for my lack of time by skipping my warm-ups. This was the worst possible thing I could have done because I was constantly injured, which prevented me from making any gains. Then I was introduced to AMPED. The thing I love about the AMPED warm-ups is that they are unique and extremely practical; the exercises flow together perfectly and don’t take all day to complete. Since incorporating AMPED into my workouts, I’ve been injury-free, setting PR’s in the gym every week, and I’m in the best shape of my life!” Jay Nerys

“People often overlook the warm up. AMPED is about more than just preventing injury or increasing mobility. AMPED is about increasing results. GET AMPED and watch your lifts go up, and your performance improve.” Michael Halbfish

“You have done a fabulous job with what you have created in AMPED. It is simple, effective and very user friendly. The variety of warm up ideas that you offer will keep the novelty in an essential part of any good workout. Joe, the Badass program changed the intensity in our weight room at school like nothing I have seen and now AMPED has more students warming up properly than ever before. This was the one area that I have struggled with for years – to get across to the students the importance of a good warm up. AMPED has done that!!! Thanks so much!! One of the teachers overhead a student say that they felt AWESOME after their warm up. I have felt the same myself! My workouts have been better and I feel much better the day after the workout as well. I would suggest that any Phys Ed teacher or coach of any sport pick up a copy of this for their classes and their athletes. You will have endless effective ideas that you use immediately!! Thanks again guys!! I look forward to the next product that you guys produce!!” Michael Galasso

Galasso’s Performance Training

“We have been using the AMPED techniques at school with our high school students in Power Fit classes and the results have been excellent. The best part I would say is that they actually enjoy the warm up! I’ve even had kids tell me they felt great after using the warm up and they they felt less sore after their workout.” Scott G

“For the longest time I neglected my warmup as many others do. When I received my copy of AMPED warm-up I was blown away by all the options. Whether someone wants to warmup to play a sport or perform an upper, lower, or full body workout, AMPED has it all and much, much more. Once I started using AMPED, my workouts became much more productive and my warmup is something I actually look forward to performing. AMPED is something every athlete or person stepping into a gym should consider as a necessity. Get this great tool to feel great before, during, and after your workouts.” Matthew Richmond


FAQ #1: Is the Ageless Athlete 4.0 program a physical product?

Answer: Yes and No. The main Ageless Athlete 4.0 program is a completely digital ebook product. However, I know many lifters who love a physical book in their hands. That is why I included the AA4.0 Premium package. This will give you the AA4.0 ebook (digital ebook accessed through your personal dashboard) and the physical AA4.0 manual (shipped to your house)!

FAQ #2: After I order, when do I get my program?
Answer: After you complete your order, you will receive an email with the subject line, “Registration for the Ageless Athlete 4.0 program.” This email sometimes takes up to 30 minutes to come through due to delays on the email servers. (Make sure your check your SPAM folder). If you don’t see your email come through, simply email us at helpdesk @ dieselsc dot com. You will use the instructions in this email to create your personal dashboard and access the digital AA4.0 program. If you ordered the premium, silver, or gold package, your registration email will come through to set up your personal dashboard and your physical manuals will ship out from the distribution center. Your physical books will arrive in 5-8 business days. if you are an international customer, your physical books will arrive in 2-4 weeks.
FAQ #3: How many warm-ups routines are the AA4.0 program?
Answer: There are five comprehensive warm-ups in the AA4.0 program and they can be used for any Ageless Athlete workout or for ANY workout you’re doing with ANY program!
FAQ #4: How many weeks is the AA4.0 program?
Answer: The AA4.0 program will be run for 12-weeks. Because it is a ‘plug-and-play’ program or a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure” system of training, the program can be run over-and-over again for years and you won’t ever get bored! You will be able to choose different main lifts and different supplemental exercises which will create brand new workouts every time you run the Ageless Athlete program.